Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009 - by Hailey

So, it's Halloween again. We don't remember last year because we were just little babies. We're much bigger now and were ready to enjoy Halloween. I will tell you about our day and then entertain you with some pictures!

We woke up and, as usual, Mommy and Daddy were very happy to see us. When they opened the window, I realized that it was kind of cloudy and drizzly out. This is not good Trick or Treating weather! We went downstairs, had breakfast, and got dressed really fast. We were going somewhere...this is always fun! Where were we going so early in the morning? Turns out Mommy had scheduled us for our flu booster at 8:30 in the morning. That's not very Halloween-y of her, right? Sheesh! Anyway, the shots were annoying...the lady who did it was nice though. We both cried at first, but then put a brave face on for the other kids in the waiting room. When we got home, we were exhausted! We went right up for naps and slept right through the neighborhood celebration. When we woke up, we had lunch, played for a little bit and were so tired that we went right back to sleep! Yikes! I guess those shots knocked us for a loop!

When we got up in the afternoon, Mommy brought these cool looking bags into our rooms. One had a picture of a kitty on the front and one had a picture of a puppy on the front. I immediately knew which one was for me and asked Mommy to put my costume on. She did...she's cool like that. Matt didn't want his on at first, but once he saw how cool I looked, his tune changed. He casually backed himself onto Mommy's lap and gave her his hat. When we were both dressed, we went outside with Mommy and Daddy for pictures. We had so much fun being outside. Good thing we hurried though...it started to rain again! We took some more pictures inside and then had to get out of those costumes...they were HOT!

We had dinner and Mommy and Daddy let us have some chocolate. I'm not kidding when I tell you that now I know what Heaven is like. I have never been so happy as when they put that chocolate in my mouth. We waited for trick-or-treaters, but only a few came. Mommy put our costumes back on after dinner, so we looked really cute for everyone. Maybe next year they'll take us out! Here are our pictures from Halloween!


Manda said...

love love love them and their costumes!

Ellie said...

Look at those adorable costumes. Now I really feel like a cheapskate. Ha!

Heather said...

LOVE those adorable costumes.

Our Life in Pixels said...

They are too cute. I love the last picture!! Too sweet!