Friday, July 31, 2009

Matt's Back from Vacation

Hello's Matt. We went on vacation to Long Island and hung out with lots of people. I'm not gonna lie...I loved all of the attention, but I was really missing my house. I couldn't wait to get home and lie around in my diapers and drool on the floors without feeling the guilt that you feel when you do it at someone else's house, ya know?

Mommy took a couple of pictures when we first got home...I figured I'd share them and put my own personal touch on each one. Enjoy!

We just got home and I have soooo much laundry to do.
Better get working on that!

Haha....yeah right! That cracked me up!

Hailey was so happy to be home that she filled this cardboard box with Chardonnay and chugged it. That girl knows how to partayyyyyy!!!

Is my dinner in here? Is anyone going to feed me?
What the hell is this thing anyway???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Newest Toy...the dog!

Hailey: Brie, will you play with me?
Brie: I don't play with children...they're beneath me...literally and figuratively.
Hailey: Please?
Brie: Okay, but only because you're cute and I believe that I'm smarter than you.

Matthew: Mom, I'm getting on the dog bed again. I don't care if I don't know how to get off. I want to be on the dog bed. Wait! Brie's on here! I need to get her off!
Brie: Are we really going to play this game again?Brie: Okay, now that you've gotten me out of bed, I'll play.
Matt: YAY!!!! Let's play with fishy...all of my toys are too new and clean.
Matt: Hey! Licking wasn't part of the deal!!! Gross!!!
Brie: I can't help it. You taste like lunch!
Matt: Maybe if I crouch down on the ground, she won't notice me any more.
Brie: That's right...get're more vulnerable that way!

Hailey: What the hell is that? It's gross! I am not playing with that.
Brie: Come're so cute and delicate. Please play with me!

Hailey: Okay, what do we do?
Matt: We hold fishy and try to let Brie get it. When she does, we laugh and try to pull it out of her mouth.
Brie: Gee, this game sounds really fun for me, huh?

Matt: No, Brie, like this...just mush your face into fishy...don't try to eat her!
Hailey: If Brie doesn't understand the game, what's the point?
Brie: I understand the game...I just think it sucks.

Matt: Hailey, pet her head, like this.
Hailey: Get off of me!!!
Brie: This game is going nowhere really fast! Hailey, I'll try to save you...we can be on the same team.
Hailey: Yeah Brie! You knocked him over! I didn't even know you were allowed to do that! We win!
Brie: Yeah we do...
Matt: Hey! This isn't what I had in mind when I asked you two to play!

Hailey: Come hard can it be to get fishy away from Brie?
Brie: You never know Little One. I might surprise you!

Hailey: Nah, I win and it was easy...just because you're bigger doesn't mean you're smarter!
Brie: You sure are cute though...can I just give you a little lick?
Hailey: Gross!!
Hailey: No licking...that's not how I roll. It's gross and unsanitary. Please go get me a wipe.

Matt: Here Brie! Wanna play with my toys??? I love you!
Brie: I love you guys too. I know I always seem annoyed when you poke me in the eyes or pull my whiskers, but I'm so glad you're finally playing with me!