Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh My God...I am soooo hungover!

Setting: Our house, the day after our first birthday party.

H: Good Morning, Matt!
M: Ugh...what's good about it? I'm exhausted!
H: Maybe that's because you kept waking up last night...what's up with that? Then I have to cry too and Mommy and Daddy come in to say hi.
M: I don't know...I kept waking up because my mouth hurts. Why do we have these pieces of bone that keep jutting through our gums? These are ridiculously painful!
H: I don't know...they're not that bad. Apparently we need them to eat more food.
M: I eat a lot of food now!

Mommy enters the room.

H: Hi Mommy! Here's my bink! I love you!
M: Waaaaaahhhhh...don't take my bink! Don't take my lovey! Don't change my diaper! I feel horrible! I need something to eat!

Mommy takes us downstairs and gives us our sippies and snack cups. We're pretty sure that she does this to keep us quiet for a little while, but she won't admit it.
M: Mmmmm...soooooo good! Give me your cup too!
H: NO! I'm hungry too...oh fine. You're just going to take it anyway!
M: What should we do today?
H: Let's play with all of our new toys!
M: Fine. As long as I don't have to move too far, I'm in. I'm exhausted...have I mentioned that?
H: Yeah...I think you covered that. Look...Daddy is taking something out of a box. That's always good.
M: Ouch! That noise is hurting my head! I think I drank too much last night...either that or had too much cake! Ouch! Is he almost done?
H: Yes, you wimp...ridiculous. I'm going to help Daddy while Mommy makes breakfast.
M: Mmmmm...breakfast. I hope it's eggs with jam toast and banana...I like how Mommy makes the banana talk to us before he takes his "clothes" off. That's funny!
H: Easily entertained, aren't you?
M: Mmmhmm.

H: I love to help Daddy. I wonder what this is going to be...a garage? Great...I love cars!
M: I know...it's weird that you're a girl and you love cars. It's kind of cool of you!
H: I'll bet if you had been a girl, I never would have known about my love of cars.
M: Probably not. Let's sit down for breakfast. I'm starving and hopefully some food will make me feel better!
H: What's coming? What's coming? I'm so excited!
M: Me too...I just can't show it b/c of my hangover!
H: It's a banana!!! I freaking love these things!
M: Lemme see!
M: Forget about the banana...I want to play peek-a-boo.
H: You're not too good at it...you can still see! Here's how you really do it!
M: Okay...let me try again.
H: Good luck...this is a very important skill. You heard the doctor ask Mommy about it. We don't want her to worry!
M: Okay...less pressure is always nice, huh?
M: How's this?
H: Better...give it one more try!
M: Did I do it??
H: YES!!! I'm so proud of you! How are you feeling?
M: Better now...I just needed something in my stomach. I love that you're proud of me. You're the best sister!
H: Thanks...I like you too!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Monday Blog from Hailey

So, Mommy is letting me use the computer. She's helping me a little, but I can basically do it on my own now. I can do a lot of things on my own. There are several things that I would like to blog about today. One is my birthday. The second is how crazy my brother is. A third is our premier trip to Toys R Us!

I am going to one year old tomorrow. I am very excited. Mommy bought us shirts and we are going to party...I'll post pictures after tomorrow. Mommy said she is going to let us have balloons and cupcakes! I can't wait! I can tell you how old I am going to be. Here I am:

I can also do "so big" and play peek-a-boo, but I don't want to brag.

Okay, on to my brother. He is completely nuts! He is funny, but he is nuts at the same time. I guess that's reasonable though because most crazy people are funny! I know that from all of my life experience...if you weren't reading carefully, I am going to be one...I know a lot now!

My brother does crazy things like sticks his fingers in the dog's mouth, screams at the top of his lungs while chasing Mommy, and tries to get away from her during diaper changes so he can crawl around naked. The strangest things though consist of his love of Brie's doggie bed and his new fascination with gloves. It's August for God's sake...put the gloves away!

I still love him though...for all the times he knocks me over, uses me head as a drum, and steals my food/toys/books/hugs...I still love him.

Now, onto our first trip ever to Toys R Us. I think we're going to like this place, but I heard Mommy telling someone that she thinks it will turn into "her own personal Hell." I don't know why she said that...I think that place is soooo cool! Actually, I would have had a lot more fun if they'd actually let us out of the stroller. What kind of people bring kids to Toys R Us and make them sit in the stroller? I'll tell you who...mean people! Just kidding...they're cool!

I definitely looked a little bored in these pictures, but make no mistake, I was having a good time. I just like to play it cool so no one knows my true feelings...I'm fly like that! See how I put my foot over the bar in the stroller...very noncholant, right? I'm singing like a bird inside though! Trust me on that one!!!

That's all for now...thanks for checking in!