Friday, November 20, 2009

Want to build a closer relationship with your mother during this holiday season?

1. Wake up several times during the night. She misses you and wants to see you...for no apparent reason. Make sure only Mommy hears the cries...Daddy has to work in the morning.
2. You know that Daddy went to work early today. Mommy must be lonely and doesn't really want to shower and get ready all by herself. Call her into your room with a fake cry...for no apparent reason.
3. Repeatedly throw your lovey in hard to reach places. Mommy wants you to be attached to this thing in the silliest way possible...don't give up...she'll keep getting it for you because she loves you (or wants to get just a few hours of uninterrupted sleep).
4. While she's fixing a meal, don't leave her alone...she really wants you hanging on her pant leg. It actually makes her work quicker.
5. Keep losing your sippy cups. Don't worry that there's milk in there that could spoil. Mommy loves you so much that she'll keep looking for it until she finds it.
6. When she's getting dressed...stare at her breasts like you're hungry. It makes her laugh hysterically!
7. When Mommy is changing your diaper, remember to stick your hands down here as soon as she removes the dirty diaper. It's warm and squishy and Mommy doesn't mind cleaning the poop off your hands...she's already cleaning it off your tushie. No worries!
8. When Mommy is reading you a book, make sure to get as close to her face as possible. It doesn't matter that she can't read the pages, she's probably already memorized the book from reading it a million times. She's cool like that.
9. If you're done with what you're eating, clear your tray using your entire arm. Not only does it send a clear message that you're finished, but it makes room for dessert.
10. Whatever you do, realize that consistency is the key to making this relationship work. No matter how many times she tells you to stay out of the toybox, keep your fingers out of the outlets, not to push your sibling, and not to touch the dog's eyeball, she's really just looking for boundaries. Make sure you set clear and consistent boundaries that your mother will respect. Eventually, it will lead to an open and loving relationship that will continue for years to come.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh What Fun We Have!!!

You really think I'm going to listen to you just because you gave me this stick? This is just another reason for me to go play in the front yard by myself...without you...alone...get it? Now, please allow me and my stick to go now!

Dad, you went to the bathroom for 0.2 seconds, so we thought that we'd climb right into the Tuppe.rware drawer and rearrange it for you. This thing is really strong! It didn't even bend when Matthew got all the way inside! Good thing you came back though...he has no idea how to get out!

Yeah...I can use a fork now. I'm pretty cool, but I'm still not going to smile!

We love when Daddy reads to us. We love this story because there are Monkeys in it and we love Monkeys lately. Hailey is completely enthralled (as usual), but Matthew doesn't miss a chance for a cute photo op!

I may or may not having something in my mouth. If I do, I won't tell you anyway. If I don't, I'll let you keep thinking that I do so that I get more attention!

We're starting to think we eat better than Mommy and Daddy. Today Mommy prepared scrambled eggs, cinnamon and raisin English Muffins, and strawberries/bananas. She loves us so much. We know this because she tells us that she doesn't even cut up fruit for herself, so when she does it for us, it's extra special. We love her too!

It was just too quiet. We had to be quiet or Mommy would know what we were doing. Matthew wanted to get in here so he could reach the plugs...plugs are so interesting that we always need to touch them. It's a good thing that Mommy has such good instincts or Matthew's hair may be standing on end from electric shock!

Yeah...I climbed in what? What? I'm driving you crazy? That's ridiculous...I can barely walk much less drive! Hahahahahaaaaaa....I'm so funny! Hailey tells me all the time!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009 - by Hailey

So, it's Halloween again. We don't remember last year because we were just little babies. We're much bigger now and were ready to enjoy Halloween. I will tell you about our day and then entertain you with some pictures!

We woke up and, as usual, Mommy and Daddy were very happy to see us. When they opened the window, I realized that it was kind of cloudy and drizzly out. This is not good Trick or Treating weather! We went downstairs, had breakfast, and got dressed really fast. We were going somewhere...this is always fun! Where were we going so early in the morning? Turns out Mommy had scheduled us for our flu booster at 8:30 in the morning. That's not very Halloween-y of her, right? Sheesh! Anyway, the shots were annoying...the lady who did it was nice though. We both cried at first, but then put a brave face on for the other kids in the waiting room. When we got home, we were exhausted! We went right up for naps and slept right through the neighborhood celebration. When we woke up, we had lunch, played for a little bit and were so tired that we went right back to sleep! Yikes! I guess those shots knocked us for a loop!

When we got up in the afternoon, Mommy brought these cool looking bags into our rooms. One had a picture of a kitty on the front and one had a picture of a puppy on the front. I immediately knew which one was for me and asked Mommy to put my costume on. She did...she's cool like that. Matt didn't want his on at first, but once he saw how cool I looked, his tune changed. He casually backed himself onto Mommy's lap and gave her his hat. When we were both dressed, we went outside with Mommy and Daddy for pictures. We had so much fun being outside. Good thing we hurried started to rain again! We took some more pictures inside and then had to get out of those costumes...they were HOT!

We had dinner and Mommy and Daddy let us have some chocolate. I'm not kidding when I tell you that now I know what Heaven is like. I have never been so happy as when they put that chocolate in my mouth. We waited for trick-or-treaters, but only a few came. Mommy put our costumes back on after dinner, so we looked really cute for everyone. Maybe next year they'll take us out! Here are our pictures from Halloween!