Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh My God...I am soooo hungover!

Setting: Our house, the day after our first birthday party.

H: Good Morning, Matt!
M: Ugh...what's good about it? I'm exhausted!
H: Maybe that's because you kept waking up last night...what's up with that? Then I have to cry too and Mommy and Daddy come in to say hi.
M: I don't know...I kept waking up because my mouth hurts. Why do we have these pieces of bone that keep jutting through our gums? These are ridiculously painful!
H: I don't know...they're not that bad. Apparently we need them to eat more food.
M: I eat a lot of food now!

Mommy enters the room.

H: Hi Mommy! Here's my bink! I love you!
M: Waaaaaahhhhh...don't take my bink! Don't take my lovey! Don't change my diaper! I feel horrible! I need something to eat!

Mommy takes us downstairs and gives us our sippies and snack cups. We're pretty sure that she does this to keep us quiet for a little while, but she won't admit it.
M: Mmmmm...soooooo good! Give me your cup too!
H: NO! I'm hungry too...oh fine. You're just going to take it anyway!
M: What should we do today?
H: Let's play with all of our new toys!
M: Fine. As long as I don't have to move too far, I'm in. I'm exhausted...have I mentioned that?
H: Yeah...I think you covered that. Look...Daddy is taking something out of a box. That's always good.
M: Ouch! That noise is hurting my head! I think I drank too much last night...either that or had too much cake! Ouch! Is he almost done?
H: Yes, you wimp...ridiculous. I'm going to help Daddy while Mommy makes breakfast.
M: Mmmmm...breakfast. I hope it's eggs with jam toast and banana...I like how Mommy makes the banana talk to us before he takes his "clothes" off. That's funny!
H: Easily entertained, aren't you?
M: Mmmhmm.

H: I love to help Daddy. I wonder what this is going to be...a garage? Great...I love cars!
M: I know...it's weird that you're a girl and you love cars. It's kind of cool of you!
H: I'll bet if you had been a girl, I never would have known about my love of cars.
M: Probably not. Let's sit down for breakfast. I'm starving and hopefully some food will make me feel better!
H: What's coming? What's coming? I'm so excited!
M: Me too...I just can't show it b/c of my hangover!
H: It's a banana!!! I freaking love these things!
M: Lemme see!
M: Forget about the banana...I want to play peek-a-boo.
H: You're not too good at it...you can still see! Here's how you really do it!
M: Okay...let me try again.
H: Good luck...this is a very important skill. You heard the doctor ask Mommy about it. We don't want her to worry!
M: Okay...less pressure is always nice, huh?
M: How's this?
H: Better...give it one more try!
M: Did I do it??
H: YES!!! I'm so proud of you! How are you feeling?
M: Better now...I just needed something in my stomach. I love that you're proud of me. You're the best sister!
H: Thanks...I like you too!

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