Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's Get Daddy

M: Hailey, what day is it?
H: It's Tuesday...I know what you're thinking.
M: Yeah...Mommy goes to tutoring and Daddy has to do the "witching hour" with us...
H: Oh, this is going to be fun...especially since I'm not napping normally anymore. I'm exhausted and have no idea what to do with myself half the time!
M: I's funny to watch them try to entertain you so you won't do that annoying cry/whine.
H: Yeah...they're wrapped around my finger.

Enter Daddy...he just got home from a long day at work and would love to get something to eat, but Mommy immediately passes off the babies and runs to get dressed. She has two errands to run before tutoring and doesn't want to be late!

Daddy stares at her in disbelief as she quickly exits the room. He proceeds to take his shirt off (doesn't want to get spit up on) and get down on the floor like a good Daddy...all the while, Brie, our dog, is basically attacking him b/c she thinks he came home specifically to walk her!

M: Oh, Daddy looks happy to see us! He's smiling...I think I'll smile back!
H: I know...I love when he comes home...a new face to smile at. I'm going to smile too. If we don't, he may just get right up and leave again!
M: No...he loves us way too much.

Mommy comes down, fully dressed now. She grabs her bag, some snacks, kisses the babies and Daddy, and heads out for 3 glorious hours of tutoring. Civilization can now welcome her back!

H: Damn...I'm hungry!
M: Me too! I don't get it...Mommy just fed us! Why are we hungry again?
H: I don't know, but I'm going to let Daddy know. WAH! WAH! WAH!!
M: He looks confused. Oh look...he's dancing...that's too funny! hahahahahahaha!!!
H: Okay, that got my mind off eating for like a second. Now he's singing? God, he's pulling out all the stops and Mommy's only been gone for a few minutes!

Daddy proceeds to play with the babies for about 45 minutes. At this point, Hailey has a complete meltdown.

H: I'm frigging exhausted...I can't control myself anymore. All I can do it cry, sob, cough, and look pitifully at Daddy.
M: It is pretty pitiful...good thing I'm still happy!
Daddy: Okay, Hailey, we're going to take a little nap now...let's go upstairs.
M: Hi Daddy! Do you want to play with me? I smile a lot and will listen to your, I know that if I'm quiet, you'll let me watch SportsCenter with you...Mommy doesn't do that! Yayayayayaayyyy!!!
H: Okay, I'll sleep for like 10 minutes, but you're not going to like me when I wake up!

10 minutes later...Hailey starts wailing and Daddy goes up to get her.

M: No, Daddy...don't leave me! Don't put me in the swing!! I neeeed you!!! DADDY!!!
H: Hey buddy! Thanks for getting me out of here. I still don't know what to do with myself and I'm even hungrier b/c I spent most of the time up here trying to get out of my swaddle. I've worked up quite an appetite.
Daddy: Hi little girl...I love my Hailey. Let's go downstairs to play.
H: Play? I don't think so...we're going to eat.
M: WAH! WAH! WAH!!!! Hailey...get him to give us some food!
H: He is not getting it...he's just like Mommy sometimes. Don't they know what they're doing?
M: Apparently not!
Daddy: Guys...Mommy told me you wouldn't be ready to eat until 6:45 - 7:00. What's going on?
Daddy: Okay, I'll go make bottles...wait here for a minute.
Daddy: Here are the bottles...let's get you guys set up...oh man, I'm starving.
H: Too bad! Feed us now!
M: It's so close...why does he have to put a bib on me? I need that bottle in my mouth RIGHT NOW!!!
H: Relax's coming!
Daddy: Okay, here you go.
H & M: silence...

They win again!

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Duck said...

Hey Rebecca - wow they're here! COngrats hope all is well- I'm back again in the bloogin' world and saw your comment over on Denise's blog, I had been wondering how you are.