Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Staying In/Going Out

Tuesday Morning:

H: Matt, it's going to be crappy weather today, so we're going to stay inside...make sure to be awake as much as possible so that we can hang out with Mommy.
M: Good idea...she loves when we're awake and hates when we sleep. She doesn't want to do anything around the house anyway! She must be so sad because when she comes to get us, she smiles at us like crazy...
H: This is going to be her favorite day'd better not sleep too long!
M: Don't worry...I know how much Mommy wants to play with us all day! I won't let her down!

On Tuesday the naps lasts for 40-45 minutes and the babies wanted to be up the rest of the time. I'm not against spending time with them, but I need a break sometimes!!! In their favor, they were pleasant to be around and only got really ornery when I was at tutoring and Daddy was taking care of them.

Wednesday Morning:

H: Matt, I heard Mommy say that she wanted to get out of the house today and finish up some stuff for Christmas.
M: What? It's freaking cold out there!
H: Yeah, let's sleep for a really long time, wake up to eat, and then go back to sleep.
M: I'm with you sister!

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Our Life in Pixels said...

As always you got a chuckle out of me because today was that type of day. I shoveled outside w/ our boys while Kaity napped and she napped a good hour or more and I was thrilled. Later on we went out to Walmart and she fell asleep and slept for 2 hours in her carrier! I was able to put the boys to their nap and actually take a shower in the middle of the day along w/ a couple other things before all 3 of them woke up. We mommies need our time too! I agree!