Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Because It's January 6th - a typical morning and breakfast (with forks)

Good morning, sunshine!

What? I'm not doin nuttin...

I swear...if he doesn't give me one of those books, I'm going to slam my head against this dresser...I'll do it!

Why would I give her one of these books when I just got them?

Okay, then can I have one of these books? PLEASE!!! Throw me a bone!

Fine...I'm getting one of's mine, buddy!

Yeah...she's not getting anything from me...won't happen. What's that? Share?
Sharing is for suckers!

Come on!!! Please give me one!!!
Yes, this is how we spent the first 10 minutes out of bed...fighting over these stupid books that no one cared about until this morning.

Mmmm...I got a fork. I got a bowl of bananas. I got my fork to pick up one of those bananas and now it's actually making its way to my mouth. Could life get any better?

This isn't as easy as you adults make it look. The food keeps falling off the fork!

Satisfaction...I finally got the banana into my mouth. I may conquer this after all!

She just took this because I smiled...I don't do that a lot, so she captures it when she can. I like to throw her a bone every now and makes her keep trying.

Yes, I put these "bracelets" on my own wrists...aren't they pretty? Are you jealous? You could look like this too if an entire Fisher Price factory was in your living room. Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous...what can I say?

Wow! My hands got big...and red...and furry! Wait...what's going on here!?! These things are totally cool!

Can you tell we need to investigate toy storage? That's happening after the Christmas tree makes its exit this weekend...we need organization! Any suggestions (under $250) are welcome.


edie & ella said...

I got nothing .... we desperately need toy storage organization as well. Let me know what you decide PLEASE!!!
I did see some cool bins at Land of Nod that are stackable ... you can mix and match them either 2 bins, 3 bins and/or book shelf.....I am possibly considering those unless someone gives me something better as an idea!!!

Mandibula said...

Super cheap idea and FREE if you live an Anne Arundel County is recycle bins! My cousin bought the small two door bins. They just flip open/close and are easy enough for her son to "operate". I'm thinking of doing bins under a bench with a curtain to hide personally. I HATE having stuff everywhere and mine are only 5 months!!

If target can't fix it, no one can!!

Manda said...

oooh i like their jammies! they're so big now...little people. aren't you glad they're fighting over books? they want to read!

Helene said...

Awwww, they are so adorable! I laughed at the captions you captured their personalities so well!!

I have no clue about toy storage. I finally got so fed up with the disorganization that I bought a bunch of those big plastic storage bins from Target and organized all the toys and put them out in the garage. Now the kids have to ask to get things out so it's only one thing at a time. The house is still a mess, which I still haven't figured out.