Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maybe She'll Just Leave Me Here

M: whine, whine...Mommy, I think I'm ready for my nap. Oh, but I'm so comfortable here in my bouncy chair.
Mommy: Okay, looks like you guys are getting ready for naps. I'll go make sure your room is ready.
H: Matt, don't fall asleep yet...Mommy is coming back down for us.
M: Yeah, but this chair is so comfortable. Maybe I'll just close my eyes.
H: whine, whine...I want to fall asleep too, but I can't with all this swinging...don't fall asleep.
M: I'm not...I'm just pretending to sleep...maybe she'll just leave me here.
Mommy: Okay, guys...ready for naps? Oh! Matt, did you already fall asleep.
H: whine...no, he didn't...he's just pretending.
M: Hailey, why'd you make me smile! She almost bought it!
H: Couldn't let you get away with it...I want us to nap at the same time...I don't want you to have any extra time with Mommy.
Mommy: Matthew...I saw that smile...were you just pretending?
M: Hmmmm...yeah...let's go up to sleep...
Mommy: I love you guys!

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Shoebee said...

I love these posts...they are priceless