Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Modern Woman

The Modern Woman does not need her brother to sit in time out with her (but it's nice sometimes).

The Modern Woman can multi-task. Yes, I can walk the baby in the stroller while I mow the lawn. Can't you?

The Modern Woman knows what she wants and knows how to ask for it. The Modern Woman is not ashamed to show her happiness...she's proud of it!

The Modern Woman can give herself a yogurt facial during lunch...maximize your time, ladies!

The Modern Woman is always easy to reach. Her cell phone is just an arm's length away...call me!


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Super cute! I could use a facial too!

mrs. b. said...

HAHA! how cute! i might have to give that yogurt facial a try.

Manda said...

what's your number, hailey??? i'll call you!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Super cute post. Yogurt facial might be kind of nice!!

Our Life in Pixels said...

Love this post! You are so thoughtful and creative!! I've been so busy with life and homeschooling that my blog has been neglected! I just changed the Christmas background the other day! I'll get back on the wagon! At least my scrap booking is up to par!