Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from M & H

We feel that we've been neglecting this blog lately, but we've been really busy learning how to walk, run, and talk. We get along pretty well, but Matthew still likes to snatch anything that Hailey has and Hailey uses biting to defend herself. We're working on that...we may try couples counseling, but we'll let you know. Here are a couple of pictures from Valentine's Day. Mommy was sweating after trying to take our pictures (we still can't figure out why she thinks it's so hard), but we think she did a pretty good job.

Oh! Presents? For us? We're so lucky!!!

I love my Princess wand...unfortunately, so does Matthew. He keeps trying to take it away from me and I just can't figure out why he wants to be a princess!

My "wand" is pretty cool too b/c it actually lights up. I intend on spending countless hours studying how this works and then I will dismantle the entire thing and put it back's the engineer in me!

We got cards! I mean, the cards are okay, but we're really into ripping apart the envelopes.

Yup...I'm Mom's Lil Romeo. Oh, and I love this monkey!

Mommy said this was the only decent picture she could get of us together. She's such a drama queen!

I'm sad and the only one who could understand was my monkey. You see, Matt took my Princess wand again and I just don't know how to get it back. You understand, don't you Monkey? I love you, Monkey. You wouldn't steal my wand.

I can't explain it either. Yes, I'm a boy, but I just can't get past this Princess wand. It's so cute and the noise that comes out of it is magical. I guess that made me think it was real b/c I spent 10 minutes banging it against my head wishing it would turn me into a frog!

I got it back! I hope he doesn't take it from me again. Yikes...hope he doesn't try to steal my sequined heart shirt too! I love this shirt!!!

I'm on the hunt...must find more wands!


Manda said...

i love the monkeys and their shirts! adorable :) matt needs to get past the wand thing...poor hailey!

Denise said...

Umm, I have no idea how we got ours to sit together for pictures this morning. I think they were still sleepy. B was there making noises, trying to entertain them and trying to keep Nathan from leaping face first off the chair.

I love their monkeys and those wands look really cool. I can't blame Matt for wanting both.

Crazed Mama said...

I left you an award on my blog!!